Pavement stone “NUNNAKIVI”

Paksus Ühikut ruutmeetris Kaal ruutmeetri kohta Alusel ruutmeetreid Värvid
6 cm ~ 50 pcs 132 kg ~ 10,8 m2 grey, red, black, brown,
green, blue, yellow

Stones are packed on a wooden ballet (1,0×1,2 m) and wrapped. One ballet consists of 640pcs (10,8 m2). One ballet of stones weighs 1,4 t.

2 layered stone: Stone, which coating and base layer are made out of differnent concrete. Thickness of coating on coatod stone is 4-8 mm. Paving stones are produced according to standard EVS-EN 1338:2003+AC:2006.

Hind: 7.00 EUR/8.40 EUR
Hind värvilistele kividele: 7.83 EUR/9.40 EUR
Hall / Värviline